Want FREE jewelry? Send us a message! If you advertise our website or products in any way, even a simple Instagram post or Snapchat story, we will send you jewelry free of charge to your front door. Check the details below!

If you would like to participate, send us a message below or Direct Message us on Instagram @ausandco


Q: How can I advertise for Aus & Co.?

A: Anyone can advertise for Aus & Co. We let you choose if you would like to post on FaceBook, Snapchat, Instagram, or all 3. Any post to social media simply sharing our website and mission with your friends and family we consider advertisement and will reward you accordingly.

Q: How much jewelry do I get?

A: Depending on the amount of influence you have on your social media page (followers, friends, likes per post, etc) will determine the amount of jewelry we will send to you. Each case is considered independently of one another.